Other Procedures in Spain

ESPAÑA MÁS can help her much more in her new life in Spain. We have agreements with large companies so that everything is solved in the best way for our clients and without bureaucracy.

Administrative Appeal

We advise you in case you need to present an administrative appeal in negative decisions of the public administration. We have a specialist team that will examine the entire process to propose the best strategy for the resource.   

Homologation of Studies

Through this procedure you can request the homologation of degrees or the validation of non-university studies obtained abroad.

ESPAÑA MÁS carries out all types of homologations, equivalence, validation of courses taken abroad in Spain.


The “Empadronamiento” is the document that accredits the length of stay in Spanish territory, regardless of nationality or legal status. That is, whether or not you have residence or the same in process. Enrolling in the register accredits you as a resident of the municipality and is mandatory. We advise you.   

Driving License Exchange

Some countries have an agreement with Spain for the exchange of driving licences. It consists of the homologation of your driving license, changing for the equivalent Spanish permit. Consult ESPAÑA MÁS to find out if it is possible to exchange your permit and we will manage it for you.

Bank Account Opening

Many times we must have a bank account in Spain even before having a residence permit. ESPAÑA MÁS has partner banks for opening your account in Spain.

Health insurance

ESPAÑA MÁS is representative of Adeslas and DKV, two of the largest insurers in Spain with specific conditions and products for immigration procedures.

Documents Traduction

ESPAÑA MÁS translates documents into Spanish by a Sworn Interpreter authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation in a short time.

Search and Apostille of Documents in Brazil

A través de nuestra oficina en Sao Paulo, buscamos la documentación, apostillamos y enviamos a España. Sin burocracias.   

Spanish Certificates

We obtain duplicates of Spanish birth and marriage certificates, Criminal Record Certificate (and its cancellation) and Last Wills Certificate. We also look for documents of Spanish ancestors.

Marriage or Common-law Marriage in Spain

We advise on the entire process for common-law marriage or marriages in Spain. After the wedding, if necessary, in case one of the two is European, we prepare the relevant residence permits.

Advice for the Purchase of Real Estate

Financial and legal advice, to find the best conditions and security in the property purchase process in Spain. In Madrid we have agreements with Real Estate for personalized property searches, including those that meet the Golden Visa criteria.

Consultancy for the Search of Private Schools for Children

We help in the search for schools in Madrid for your children, with knowledge and experience. The choice of school is a key part of the transfer process and securing places in the best private schools guarantees a good education for your children.

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