Tax, Labor and Retirement Advice

ESPAÑA MÁS has a team of experts who can advise you on your new life in Spain

Advice for Self-Employed

Do you want to start working on your own, but you don't know what your obligations are in SPAIN?

  • We register you as a self-employed in Tax Agency and social security, with the bonuses in the corresponding law;
  • We do accounting and tax management;
  • We manage your quarterly obligations and your annual summary;
  • Business opening license in Madrid;
  • Business plan for professional activity. 

Individual Advice

  • Individual Income Tax Declaration;
  • Beckham Law;
  • Agreement to avoid double taxation Brazil – Spain; 
  • International retirement advice Brazil and Spain.

Labor Advice

If in your new business, you are going to have people in your charge or you need labor advice:

  • Layoffs:
  • Unpaid wages;
  • Eres;
  • Penalties;
  • Registered Home employee.

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